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Now I have been swimming for 8 months and I still can’t say that I’m really good, but at least I’m better!

I didn’t know how to swim like this before the surgery and I only learn from myself. Trying new things and getting comfortable in the water 💦

It’s fun and now I got some new things that are making everything so much easier!

💦 Swimming glasses that stay perfect on without leaving marks and give a better sight.

💦 Swimming feet that gives me more speed so it’s easier to learn new things and technique.

💦 swimming pads that gives me more power when I swim on my back. This is really good training!

I swim 3 times a week, but will try to swim 4 times a week from now on. Also spend time on just having fun in the water! 💙💦💙

I learned that stress and allot of things to do are not good for me. I wish I had learned this before and made some changes in my life before the surgery… 😢

But, better late then never!!

That means that I’m now giving up allot that I love and try to only work with myself and my body. My gold is that my body will be as strong as the metal in my neck🔜 superwoman✔️

I stared to swim without any teacher and just now bought the «help equipment». All you need is the motivation to become good😎

If I can do it.. so can you!

After surgery… remember that TIME is all you need! Dr. Gilete told me many times the first weeks when I was asking about the pain. Hi told me to give it time. And after one year I still see that I need time. So, remember to give yourself time ❤